Wow so pixel stretch. Much ethereal. Many old school. I digress. Welcome to the web layout Delicate, featuring art by Arina Tanemura. I was surfing the graphic design web when I stumbled upon some oldies, but goodies, or websites that have been around a long time. Their designs from years back inspired this design. If you remember an older design of mine called Reverie, I talked about having tried to emulate the style that was popular when I first started out. I had the same goal in mind with this layout, although I think I did a better job this time around. Not to mention gorgeous CSS3 transitions and drop shadows *w* This layout was really fun to design and I was super excited the whole way through from designing in PS to programming in Sublime. I hope you enjoy the new design! Oh and before I go, if you noticed the link to Sublime, I linked it for any of those curious as to what Sublime is. Basic summary: a super gorgeous text editer. I suggest downloading it and never turning back! Thanks for viewing! Such hearts. ♥

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1. Download the .zip file from the website.
2. Extract the .zip file through either the use of a program or using Windows itself.
3. Upload the contained images and pages to your own server.
4. Replace content area of 'index.html' with your own content and edit the links under the navigation.


Sometimes when you write an update, tutorial, blog post, or what have you, there are some key points you want to emphasize. Besides using bold though, you can also underline important information like dates or times or whatever else you find you want attention drawn to. Need to imply sarcasm through text? We have you covered. That wasn't sarcasm though, you can actually use italics to emphasize sarcasm ("use italics" was the example of a link by the way). Or whatever, again, it's all up to you! Wish you could take back something you just typed? Well now you can with strike through. The miracles of HTML are truly magical. Anyway, I can't smoothly incorporate textareas into this paragraph, so check one out below:


The below links cannot be deleted. If they are deleted, you not only fail to credit me, but all of those whose resources I incorporated into the design. You may, however, delete this message.

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